March 26, 2010

Let's Talk

After my last post, this is really embarrassing: I'm already late!

Sorry for the delay, but I've been helping Toullie bring the website into the 21st century by converting a huge chunks of it to CSS. It's going slowly and we still have a lot to do, but so far, we got all the Brudders and Streams pages done.

So what's new? Well, the biggest change is the addition of the new Comment Box at the bottom of each comics page. Feel free to revisit your favorite comic strips and ask a question or tell me what you think.

Okay, going back to drawing comics now. Look for a brand new Brudders this weekend...I promise!

- Greenlaw

March 21, 2010

Greenlaw Speaks!

My last post to the Little Green Blog was a long time ago. In fact, it was a couple of years ago, just before Sergeant Marshmallow took over as this blog's editor. Sergeant's been doing a fine job, but we decided that I should be posting entries too, at least on the more 'behind the scenes' type topics.

Good news for Brudders fans: Some of you may have noticed that I've been making a stronger effort to keep the comic strip on a regular weekly schedule. My target was always weekly releases every Friday night, but typically the strip came out on Monday or much later. Thanks to some workflow improvements, I've been able to stick to regular weekend releases again. I'm still shooting for Fridays, but a friend Scott Wright suggested that I publish on Mondays, which will give me a couple of extra days for last minute art and writing tweaks. So here's the official schedule for Brudders: from now on, you can expect to read a new Brudders strip every week on Monday.

By the way, Scott publishes a very funny and personal webcomic called Team Spectacular, so check it out. (Not surprisingly, a new episode every Monday.)

New episodes of Streams will still come out, well, whenever, but I will try to draw these comics more frequently too. As a matter of fact, I'm inking a new episode right now and you can expect it to come out later this week.

This next item is pretty exciting for me as an artist. We've been experimenting with recording my Brudders and Streams drawing sessions, and we're going to post these videos in the website's upcoming Studio section and to our Little Green Dog Movies YouTube channel. If this works out well, we're planning to do more behind-the-scenes and tutorial type videos. I'm not sure when the first one will go online, but I'll let you know more when we work out the details.

- Greenlaw

March 12, 2010

The Brainy Season

This week's food for thought: Brudders, Episode 41 'Brain'.

While you're there, check out the new comment box on the Streams and Brudders comics pages.

- Sgt M.

March 5, 2010

Got Chocolate Milk?

Cheers! Brudders, Episode 40 has been poured for your enjoyment.

Also, the long-awaited return of Streams. Read Episode 8 'Winter' in the Comics section now.

We're adding new features to the website this week to make it more participatory. Stay tuned.

- Sgt M.