April 25, 2010

New Stuff Today and Tomorrow

Rhythm & Hues Studios (my day job) made the big move to their new six story facility in El Segundo, which completely disrupted my R+H and Little Green Dog projects this week. Things are quickly settling down though, and I have to say, the new place is pretty awesome! I even have a pleasant view from the fourth floor looking over beautiful tall trees. (My old office looked out over a dumpster.)

Anyway, Toullie is finally getting around to posting Little Green Dog material that should have gone up earlier this week. Today we posted the first Studio Sessions video which you can watch now on our YouTube channel. Remember, if you like it, please leave a comment and rate it.

- Greenlaw

April 16, 2010

Status Report

We posted a new Streams (Episode 9 'Rebuttal') the other night. I actually had a different episode drawn for this week, but the idea for this one popped up at the last minute and it obviously had to follow the previous episode. Funny how this stuff happens.

Right now, I'm drawing the next episode of Brudders. We're going to post this and the next episode of Streams on Monday.

As for the promised Studio Session video, it's been mostly edited, but we still need to record the audio commentary track. Hope to get to that tonight.

- Greenlaw

April 12, 2010

Poetry Time

This week we attempt to class up Brudders with Episode 43 - 'Shelley'.

We're running a little behind on finishing the first Studio Session video. Toullie says cutting 3.5 hours of video to less than 10 minutes is trickier than he thought it would be. We're getting close though so stay tuned.

- Sgt M.

April 4, 2010

Something New is Coming

This week's guilt-free episode of Brudders is called 'Conscience'.

For this episode, we tried something new (for us anyway.) The drawing session for 'Conscience' was recorded to video and we'll be posting that in a new section of the website called The Studio. Watch for it a few days from now.

- Sgt M.