October 28, 2010

Get Ready For Gothtober 2010

Last night we delivered the 'teaser' version of our short film to our friends at Gothtober. This version is the first act in animatic (animated storyboard) format, and it has the final music track performed by Team Little Green Dog (Brett '2ch' Santucci, Alisa Loren Klein, A. Isamu Kuromi, Claire K. Kuromi, Sienna Kai Greenlaw, myself, and of course Sergeant Marshmallow and Toullie.) We had hoped to have the fully animated cg version ready, but unforeseen mocap retargeting issues tripped us up. Once I accepted that the cg version wasn't going to happen in time for Gothtober, I realized that our back up plan (the animatic) played better as a 'teaser' anyway.

So, if you're curious about our project and want to become even more curious about it, watch for the teaser at www.gothtober.com on October 31st.

We still intend to finish the cg version of the full movie by mid-December, and you can keep up with our progress by reading the production log, which we'll open to our friends (that's you) shortly after Halloween.

- Greenlaw