March 28, 2013

Sharks and Recreation

Okay, just so people don't start a rumor that all I do now is make sandwiches, here's a teaser video showing the development for one of the 'Brudders 2' environments: the cemetery.

The completed short film will take place in three different worlds and this cemetery is where it all begins.

Oh, and here's another sammich.



March 13, 2013

Good Night Rhythm & Hues

I'd like to thank everyone who expressed concern about my job when Rhythm & Hues declared bankruptcy last month. I had an exciting twelve year run with the company, created some beautiful art, and learned a lot from many incredibly talented people there. I'm really going to miss this place which has been more like a school to me than a business, and I will especially miss working with my dear friends.

On the bright side, I now have time to make sandwiches!






Another doggie!

Fru fru doggie!

I don't know!

Richard Parker!

Sienna made this one!

Snow leopard!

Really happy doggie!

Moon star doggie!

A satisfied customer.


March 7, 2013

Sister Makes Her Move

Here's a motion test featuring Sister...

Some stills from the test...

Run, Sister, run!

- Sgt M.

March 6, 2013

Guest Artist

This week we have a special guest artist: six-year-old Sienna Kai Greenlaw, a.k.a., 'Sister'.

Sienna wrote and drew the latest episode of Streams and she calls it 'Princess Vs. Dragon'.

- Sgt M.

About this comic: my daughter Sienna overheard me complaining that I didn't have time to draw comics for the website anymore and she decided to help out by writing and drawing this episode of Streams.

I have to admit, it's pretty funny.

- G.

Sister's Turn(table)

Now with more bed head!

Here's the video...

- Sgt M.

March 1, 2013

Sergeant and Toullie Turntables

Here is the character turntable video for me...

...and for Toullie...

Sister's turntable is coming up next.

- Sgt M.