October 1, 2012


If it seems extra quiet lately that's because Team Little Green Dog has been extra busy working on the next Brudders movie 'Don't Fear the Pooper'. We recently completed the four minute long previsualization for the film, and last night we shot some live action footage for acts II and III. (The animatic for Act I, you might recall, was screened way back for Gothtober 2010.) Here's a little peek at what the live action looks like composited over the previs footage:

Keep in mind that ths image is a crude test. The objects shown in this scene are only low-resolution proxies and the scene hasn't really been lit yet.

That said, we think 'Pooper' is beginning to look like a real movie.

Stay tuned. The show is coming together quickly now and next time we may post some pics from the actual movie.

- Sgt M.