July 4, 2007

Turkey for Dinner

Turkey for Dinner was created way back in 1995 to explore the feasibility of creating children's books using then current 'off-the-shelf' 3D software. To put this period in context, this was the same year Pixar released the first Toy Story movie, so 3D technology was not commonly seen in the mainstream yet.

I was already working as a illustrator back then but looking for a way to distinguish my style from other artists. 3D seemed like a good direction and, even though Turkey for Dinner is primitive by today's standards, it was a pretty good start for the time. The book was never published but it brought me a lot of other 3D work for many years.

You can now read Turkey for Dinner on the website for free. If you'd like to own a printed copy of the book, it will be available for purchase in the store soon. (Update Aug 3, 2008: The print edition is now available from Little Green Dog Press.)

Little Green Dog plans to produce more children's books so keep reading this blog for future title announcements.

July 3, 2007

Hello Frankenstore

A few Hello Frankenstein items are now available in the Little Green Dog store. We want to limit the merchandising but we thought offering a few movie souvenirs would be fun.

The t-shirt is very nice. It's direct printed on rich black fabric, and features the movie poster art. I'm wearing one right now and I can confirm that it's quite comfortable too.

The movie poster is awesome. At 22 x 34 inches, it's not quite full 'one-sheet' size, but it's still pretty big and it looks great.

There is also an 8-pack of postcards featuring the lobby card art. I haven't seen the sample yet but I'll describe it here when I do.

We're prepping our first children's book Turkey for Dinner for publication but before it goes to press, you'll be able to read the entire book on the Little Green Dog website for free. Look here for the announcement in a few days.

June 15, 2007

'Streams' Debuts

The website has a completely new look and I think we got all of the bugs worked out. If you have trouble seeing anything, try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page.

The latest additions to the site can be found in the Comics and Gallery sections.

In Comics, the first episode of Streams went online today. I plan to do more of these but we’re very busy on about 10 other projects right now, including two other comic strips.

We also added
Beastmark to the comics section. It's an oldie but I still kinda like it. The comic was completed back in 1994 to determine the practicality of using Adobe Illustrator 5.5 to draw comic books. It was also the first time I used Photoshop, which was at version 3.0 at the time.

Beastmark was fun to draw but it took way too much work to get a look I was happy with and I abondoned the idea of drawing comics this way. These days I like drawing comics using Manga Studio EX, which fantastically simulates traditional comic book drawing techniques.

In the Gallery section, Alisa and I have each posted a painting, respectively titled Sleep Witch and How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

June 14, 2007

Little Green Dog Days

The Little Green Dog website is going through some changes and it will be up and down intermittently this summer. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but a lot of good stuff will be going up during this period.

June 5, 2007

What's My Type?

Today I designed a font based on my comic book lettering style. I tested it out in Manga Studio EX and it's fairly accurate to my hand printing. I'll start using it in the next installment of Streams.

I used a typeface design program called Font Creator 5.5, which is easy to learn and relatively inexpensive. If you can afford it, get the Professional Edition; the auto kerning feature is worth it.

May 3, 2007

Doodle Du Jour

It's been six months since we launched the Little Green Dog website, and this is only the second post. That doesn't mean we've been goofing off. Au contraire!

Our second film, RVJ, is back on track and will hopefully be completed this summer, and then we'll start production on our second Sgt and Toullie short. We're also about to release our first children's book--more on this soon.

In the meantime, please check out Doodle Du Jour, a sketchblog featuring drawings by me, Alisa, and some of our friends. Even though Doodle Du Jour is not a part of Little Green Dog, Sgt Marshmallow and Ratatoullie have made surprise appearances in it.

January 5, 2007

Hello Little Green Dog!

The Little Green Dog website went online today.

To celebrate the occasion, we've posted our first short film Hello Frankenstein on the site.

Fear what the cat dragged in!