August 10, 2008


We were on vacation this past week. Can you guess how we spent it? By working of course! (Nobody can call us lazy!)

Today we're posting two new comics: Episode 4 of Streams and Episode 10 of Brudders.

We added a new Mailbag page to the website where you can send us messages, haikus, and love letters. To get there, just click on the tab at the top of any Little Green Dog website page that says Mailbag. In the future, Sergeant and Toullie will pick their favorite messages and post them here in this blog.

By the way, this is my final entry. It's been fun but, between writing and drawing Brudders, producing RVJ, raising a family, and keeping a day job at Rhythm & Hues Studios, it's become too hard to make time for this blog. So, starting next week, the Little Green Blog will be written by Sergeant Marshmallow.

This is Greenlaw, signing off.

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