April 10, 2013

One way to turn a head

Here's a head capture rig I designed and assembled tonight to test the new head tracking system in iPi Mocap Studio.

It came together nicely--the velcro straps fit into the slots in the bicycle helmet and I cut a hole in the foam pad to keep the PS Move's trigger from being pressed--but I'm not sure I can recommend this rig because:

1. To keep the helmet firmly fixed to the head I need to tighten the strap under the neck, which isn't very comfortable for me. I'd much rather have a helmet with an actual chin strap.

2. A bike helmet is too expensive for this purpose and I want to keep using this one as a bike helmet.

This rig will get me started for testing anyway. I'm getting a cheap skateboard helmet in a couple of days but I'm still looking for other options for attaching this thing to my head.

And here are some more sandwiches.




- G.

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