December 22, 2013

Wrapping up 2013

2013 was an incredibly busy year for us on the freelance front. Unfortunately, that means we weren't able to spend as much time on Little Green Dog projects as we originally planned. Many comic strips were written but never drawn, Pooper is still in production, and we have Brudders toys that we want to prototype on our Form 1 printer, but we've had so little time for any of this. Sigh!

This isn't to say the cats have been lazing about at Little Green Dog these past months. They've been busy working on a new short film called Scareplane, so keep an eye open for the official announcement. Here's a teaser pic from the film...

After Scareplane is released, Team Little Green Dog will be finishing Pooper (for real) and bringing out a batch of new comics.

So hang in there--we have lots of fun and surprises in store for 2014.

Oh, and today is Alisa's birthday. Happy birthday sweetie!

- G.

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