July 3, 2007

Hello Frankenstore

A few Hello Frankenstein items are now available in the Little Green Dog store. We want to limit the merchandising but we thought offering a few movie souvenirs would be fun.

The t-shirt is very nice. It's direct printed on rich black fabric, and features the movie poster art. I'm wearing one right now and I can confirm that it's quite comfortable too.

The movie poster is awesome. At 22 x 34 inches, it's not quite full 'one-sheet' size, but it's still pretty big and it looks great.

There is also an 8-pack of postcards featuring the lobby card art. I haven't seen the sample yet but I'll describe it here when I do.

We're prepping our first children's book Turkey for Dinner for publication but before it goes to press, you'll be able to read the entire book on the Little Green Dog website for free. Look here for the announcement in a few days.

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