July 4, 2007

Turkey for Dinner

Turkey for Dinner was created way back in 1995 to explore the feasibility of creating children's books using then current 'off-the-shelf' 3D software. To put this period in context, this was the same year Pixar released the first Toy Story movie, so 3D technology was not commonly seen in the mainstream yet.

I was already working as a illustrator back then but looking for a way to distinguish my style from other artists. 3D seemed like a good direction and, even though Turkey for Dinner is primitive by today's standards, it was a pretty good start for the time. The book was never published but it brought me a lot of other 3D work for many years.

You can now read Turkey for Dinner on the website for free. If you'd like to own a printed copy of the book, it will be available for purchase in the store soon. (Update Aug 3, 2008: The print edition is now available from Little Green Dog Press.)

Little Green Dog plans to produce more children's books so keep reading this blog for future title announcements.


steve g said...

intersting...i'm also making a couple of children's books and also looking at lulu for publishing

cresshead [steve g]

Greenlaw said...

That's cool! If you have any questions about Lulu, feel free to ask. You can use the 'Write to Team LGD' mail button on the website, and I'll respond privately.