November 7, 2010


Today I'm tracking the motion capture performances from earlier this week. So far the motions are looking very good. Some expected jitters in the raw data, but iPi DMC has very good Jitter removal, which I'll run before saving the final data.

I may have to redo a couple of performances; I acted a bit broadly in two segments because I didn't believe the system would pick up on subtleties. Boy was I wrong. iPi DMC faithfully captured my exaggerations with embarassing accuracy. Now I understand why a lot of motion capture performances can look so bad. Less is definitely more here.

- Greenlaw



I hope that you can upload the result of your tracking in youtube. It is very important for us to evaluate the performance of IPISOFT.

Greenlaw said...

Will do so eventually. We're going to wait until we're done with the film before posting a lot of videos, but we'll think about posting a 'raw' mocap shot with tracking results in the production log. (The log isn't up yet; we're still working on it.)