November 7, 2010

My pants do vex me!

Ran into a new snag today. It turns out that in my previous mocap session, my pants cuffs were too long, covering the back of my feet and preventing iPi DMC from tracking the heels accurately. The result is that, even though the toes in the rig are pinned to the ground, the heels are swiveling slightly from side to side, and this motion is riding up through nearly every joint in the body. Looks like it's back to the stage tomorrow morning to recapture this session.

Fortunately, I have this performance pretty well rehearsed by now and it should only take a half hour to recapture all of Act I.

Otherwise, the software seems to be tracking the performance with reasonable accuracy. Can't wait to see it applied to the actual character rigs.

- Greenlaw



Please show me illustration about the suitable pants for IPISOFT. Thank you very much.

Greenlaw said...

I'm just wearing blue jeans, which is what's recommended by iPi Software. The issue with my pants is that the cuffs were a little too long and interfered with accurate tracking of the feet. Rolling the cuffs up a little should solve the problem. It's cheaper than buying new pants anyway.

I think any dark colored pants will work fine as long as they are not too long or baggy.