October 22, 2013

iPi Mocap Studio Update: Three Kinects!

iPi Soft recently added support for three Kinect sensors. iPi's 'triple threat' is experimental at this time but if it works, this new feature should improve motion capture quality by completely eliminating occlusion. According the to the official docs, this new configuration is comparable to using six PS3 Eye camera's. The 'downside' is that the capture space is limited to 2.5 x 2.5 meters (about 8 x 8 feet)--not a problem for us because we're used to shooting in an even smaller space.

Here's the full scoop: Getting Started with Triple Depth Sensor Configuration

Exporting the triple Kinect mocap data is available in the Standard edition only (you can try it out in the Basic edition but export is disabled.) Calibration for triple Kinect is similar to the system used for PSP 3 Eyes, using a Maglite in 'candlestick' mode.

We have a third Kinect here at Little Green Dog but sadly no time right now to try this feature because we're busy wrapping up a new cartoon short (this is a separate film from 'B2'--more on this new project later this week.) Next month we may be picking up a little contract mocap work so we'll be R&D-ing the new triple Kinect configuration soon.

Pretty exciting stuff isn't it? I'll report more about this new feature later as time permits.

Additionally, it appears the developers improved iPi Mocap Studio's spine tracking--glad to see this issue getting attention.



Jet Fletcher said...

I'm curious to know how your efforts turn out as well. I'm in the market for an inexpensive mocap solution. Sadly, I have a Mac so Kinect won't even work.:(

Anonymous said...

great blog! I'm a newbie. Do you know if ipi will support the new kinect sensors for xbox one? They can capture at 1080p i'm told.